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Doing Business the Right Way All Day....Every Day    

The foundation of our business is responsibility. Our Compliance program focuses on promoting integrity wherever we do business. We do not tolerate corruption or any violations of our Code of Business Conduct. Our industry is more global, dynamic and customer-driven than ever before, but our quest for customer satisfaction begins and ends with our commitment to lawful and ethical conduct.

At Alliance One, all employees contribute to a transparent business culture. To ensure an understanding of our Code of Business Conduct and continually educate our employees on how to identify and manage potential compliance risks, we have established a training program for our employees. Employees participate in multiple online trainings each year and our Corporate Compliance team provides in-person trainings to those individuals who may not have regular computer access.

We set high standards for our employees and we strive to consistently meet them. The same holds true for our directors, customers, shareholders and business partners.

If you have any concerns about our conduct, we want to hear about it. We encourage you to utilize our Compliance Helpline to share your questions or comments.